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industry by boosting consumer confidence and kick-starting demand for new vehicles. Announced in last month's 2009 Budget, the 300 million pound (435 millio▓n dollars) scheme will run until Marc

pound (3,100 U.S. dollars) discount. Thi

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ustry, saying "38 companies have signed up - all the major UK car manufacturers and a number of ▓other companies. This means more choice fo

r consumers and a boost for British brands." "The scheme has been met with a flood of enquiries from customers. It will provide a boost to the industry and kick-start sale▓s," he added. "The scrappage scheme is good news for consumers and the UK motor industry alike. It has already started to get people back into showrooms to kick-start demand in the market," said Paul Everitt, chief executive of the Societ

s came following the official launch o▓

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y of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). "There has been a good response to the scheme ahead of the official start date and i

ndustry is confident that this will be translated into additional orders," Everitt added. Citron implemented a scrappage scheme on ▓April 1, three weeks earlier than the announcement of the 2009 Budget. The compan▓y has seen a 15 percent increase in registrations in April due to the incentive. Ford experienced the same number

f a scrappage scheme by the British go

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of hits on its scrappage web page within five days of th▓e Budget announcement on April 22, as it had previously ha

d on its most popular new Ford Fies▓ta page throughout March. More than 1500 automakers and auto parts manufacturers from around the world are gathering at the Shanghai 2009 Auto Show. The bie▓nnial event opened Monday and runs until April 28th. Ailing world automakers showcased their ▓new designs amid hopes of a quick revival in the Chi

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